Kentucky Perennials, Grasses, Ground Covers, Trees, Shrubs, Natives

Kentucky Perennials, Grasses, Ground Covers, Trees, Shrubs, Natives

Kelly Nursery LLC  was founded in 1998 by nurseryman Todd Kelly and the painter  Cynthia Ryan Kelly. Our sales location is in the middle of Lexington’s Distillery District at 1158 Manchester St. Lexington, KY. Nursery customers include landscape contractors, garden centers, horse farms, institutions, landscape architects and individuals in central Kentucky, Louisville, and Cincinnati.

We have a sizable inventory of plants on the ground and can execute large contract growing projects. Ground covers include Liriope, Pachysandra, Carex, asarum, and Viola. Among our perennials are coneflower, cat mint, Russian sage, and Geraniums and hellebores. Little bluestem, big bluestem, and prairie dropseed are a few of our native grasses. Our woody list includes ‘Green Velvet’ and American boxwood, ‘Otto Luyken,’ schipk laurel, Taxus ‘Hicksii’ Taxus ‘Repandens’ taxus, Magnolia ‘Little Gem’ Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata, and Heritage® river birch.

We are a versatile nursery.

In 2010 we completed the delivery of 23,000 ft² of green roof modules for the  UK/Chandler Medical Center in Lexington. We also supplied the perennials and ornamental grasses for the Legacy Trail  which is a 12 mile walking and biking trail running from east of downtown Lexington to the Kentucky Horse Park. For Clark County, KY, we grew 10,000 cattails and soft rush for a landfill reclamation and lagoon project. Our fund raising projects include the annual peony sale at Ashland, the home of Henry Clay.

Kentucky’s climate and long growing season allows for the cultivation of a wide variety of perennials, ornamental grasses, and ground covers which allows for rapid growth in the warm part of the year. Central Kentucky’s typically cold winters provide sufficient winter dormancy for the heavy flowering of our perennials. Please refer to our peony page for information on the Itoh intersectional hybrid peonies, which are among the most highly prized and worthy of garden plants.

Please send an email, through the link provided, so that we can respond to your need for a quote, to answer your questions about availability or for general nursery information.

Please consider us for your Kentucky Perennials, Grasses, Ground Covers, Trees, Shrubs, Natives.

4 Responses to Kentucky Perennials, Grasses, Ground Covers, Trees, Shrubs, Natives

  1. Mike Terry says:

    I’m looking for a small magnolia tree. Do you have any? If so, what is the price?
    Thank you. Mike Terry

  2. ROBIN LAVOIE says:

    when is the annual peonie sale at ashland?
    are you all open now?

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