Lagerstroemia indica 'Muskogee' crape myrtle


'Muskogee' is an upright, wide-spreading, multi-stemmed small tree. It is prized for it's long bloom period, exfoliating bark, and great fall foliage. Crepe-papery, showy, flowers with crimped petals bloom in summer. Thick and leathery, elliptic leaves emerge light green often with a tinge of red, andmature to dark green by summer and finally turn attractive shades of yellow-orange-red in fall. Flowers give way to round seed capsules which often persist well into winter. Smooth pale pinkish-gray bark on mature branches exfoliates with age.

  • 12'h x 12'w
  • Exposure: Full sun
  • Hardiness Zones: 6-9
  • Soil Type: average
  • Drought tolerant

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