Eragrostis spectabilis Purple Love Grass


Fluffy clouds of bronze-red inflorescences are soft and subtle in the sunlight. Light green foliage in summer turning to a bronzy-red in fall. Irresistable texture plant for the late summer garden.

You’ll fall for love grass when panicles of reddish purple flowers rise above the foliage in late summer. Eragrostis spectabilis is a warm season bunch grass with narrow leaves arranged somewhat randomly in 10” clumps. Attractive throughout the growing season, the light green foliage turns stunning bronze-red in autumn. This grass needs full sun and will thrive in poor, sandy soil or any soil with good drainage. It prefers even moisture but can be quite drought tolerant. Love grass will slowly spread by rhizomes to a width of about 3’ and may self seed. Use it alone in mass plantings. - Mt. Cuba Center.

H: 18-24"

W: 24-30"

Zones: 5-9


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