Carex cherokeensis Native Sedge


"Add Cherokee Sedge to your list of great North American native grasses. Carex cherokeensis serves as a foundation in the landscape, particularly in meadow gardens, natural areas, and in alternatives to traditional plantings. It's a workhorse, too. Cherokee Sedge can handle sun, preferring some shade; it likes moist conditions, yet, it also tolerates average soils. The rich green, arching foliage spreads slowly in well-behaved clumps—a verdant companion to woodland perennials. It is similar to Carex pensylvanica, but is a little larger with a coarser texture. Flowers are insignificant, but the wheat-like seed spikes that follow gracefully droop and add interest in spring." — Grower

Cool season, green foliage, 12-18 inches, insignificant flowers, sun-part shade, average-moist, Zones 6-9, Origin: Southeastern US.

  • Native to North America
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Shady Areas
  • Rain Gardens / Bioretention Areas
  • Lawn Alternatives
  • Evergreen


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