Acer saccharum 'Legacy' Sugar Maple

 Acer saccharum commonly known as sugar maple is a deciduous, Missouri native tree which will typically grow 40' to 80' tall (sometimes to 100') with a dense, rounded crown. This tree is a main component of the Eastern U.S. hardwood forest and is one of the trees which is most responsible for giving New England its reputation for spectacular fall color. Medium green leaves (3-6" wide with 3-5 lobes) turn yellow-orange in autumn, sometimes with considerable color variations. Fruit is the familiar two-winged samara. Sugar maples are long-lived trees which grow relatively slowly (somewhat faster in the first 35 years).
                                                   -Missouri Botanical Garden
  • 60-80'T x 30-40'W
  • Exposure: Full sun to part shade
  • Hardiness Zones: 4-9
  • Soil: Average
  • Drought-tolerant


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